Winter 2020/2021 Guest Blogger: Andrea D. Meriwether : Official Travel Source

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Winter 2020/2021 Guest Blogger: Andrea D. Meriwether

Andrea D. Meriwether


Experiential food and beverage curator that encourages the history and foodie curious to explore like a tourist and eat and drink like a tastemaker.

Why is it important for you to serve on Louisville Tourism’s Black Tourism Advisory Council?

To bring a diverse, millennial entrepreneur perspective to tourism that pays homage to the Black Louisville narrative. Using my voice and talent to participate in the economic development of the city I call home.

How many years have you lived in Louisville?


If you grew up in Louisville, what was your favorite place to go in Louisville as a child? Why?

My favorite place to visit was Shirley Maes, I'm a foodie and her culinary is the closest to my grandmothers expression of homemade, fresh, southern , community inspired dining. Its also historically located in what was formerly a slave settlement area in Louisville. Also the celebrity wall is quite impressive, there is a picture of Joe Louis serving his whiskey to patrons !

What neighborhood do you live in?

West Louisville

What motivates you to travel?

Festivals, Music, Arts & Museums and Adventure

What are the Top 5 musts for the Quintessential Black Experience in Louisville?
E&S Art Gallery
Shirley Mae's Cafe
KULA Gallery
Muhammad Ali Center
Roots 101

Where do you like to eat?
Zibas Bistro

Where do you like to drink/what’s your favorite bar?

Brendons Catch 23

What’s your favorite nightlife spot?


Where would you suggest a guest to the city stay?

Hotel Distil

What is your favorite seasonal event? Why?

The Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour

How do you drink your bourbon?

What else would you like more people to know about Louisville?

Small town that is culture rich, and serves major bourbon vibes.