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Spring 2022 Guest Blogger: Kendall Boyd

Kendall Boyd, LG&E-KU, Manager Inclusion and Employee Engagement

Biography: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professional who was born and raised in the Louisville area.

Why is it important for you to serve on Louisville Tourism’s Black Tourism Advisory Council? To promote my home town and the rich and diverse history that is Louisville, KY.

How many years have you lived in Louisville? Until age 18, then moved away for school and returned in 2011.

What neighborhood do you live in? Southern Indiana.

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood and why? It gives me a bird's eye view of the city and it permits me to appreciate all Louisville neighborhoods and what they have to offer.

If you grew up in Louisville, what was your favorite place to go in Louisville as a child? Why? The Belle of Louisville, because I love the water and it brings back fond memories of family and fun.

When did you fall in love with Louisville? After I went to school. I didn’t realize how unique Louisville was until I moved away and realized all of the greatness that it has to offer.

What motivates your own personal travel? Festivals, Music, Arts/Museums, Outdoors

What are the Top 5 musts for the Quintessential Black Experience in Louisville? Muhammad Ali Center and boyhood home; Waterfront Park and the slavery experience; Kentucky Derby Museum-Churchill Downs Black Jockey exhibit; Norton Track and Field Complex; Black Bourbonism; Roots 101 African American museum

Why makes your Top 5 suggestions "must dos"? It tells a story of Black Louisville and speaks to the heritage of and place in Black History that Louisville has.

Where do you like to eat and why? Jeff Ruby’s, because my aunt Robbie Bartlett sings there every weekend.

What should I order to eat at your favorite restaurant? Jeff Ruby/Godfather sushi roll and a steak

What is your ideal night out with friends? Dinner, sipping, a little bit of dancing, capped with a cigar at Match Cigar Bar in Jeffersonville

Where do you like to drink/what’s your favorite bar and why? Joe’s Palm Room. It’s a Black Louisville staple and my parents hung out there back in the day!

What should I order to drink at your favorite bar? Bourbon and Coke

Where would you suggest a guest to the city stay and why? The Omni Hotel or the Galt House. It gives you the full downtown experience, while being accessible to other Louisville neighborhoods.

What are the hidden gems in Louisville that only the locals would know about? Shawnee Park boat ramp; Iroquois Park; River House restaurant drinks and appetizers when it’s nice out, and the African American Heritage Center.

What is your favorite seasonal event? Why? Tie: Reggae Fest and Worldfest

How do you drink your Bourbon? On the Rocks

Louisville is one of the epicenters of the movement for racial equity and social justice. As a city challenged to make pivotal change- how do we through tourism efforts ensure that Louisville is a welcome and inclusive destination for all? Forget stringent dress codes for venues; more diverse music offerings; more welcoming attitudes to those who are different.

What else would you like more people to know more about Louisville? It’s the best big-little city there is!