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Must Try Regional Foods

Louisville’s food heritage is full of mouth-watering originals and regional classics. These are the foods that have shaped Bourbon City’s culinary landscape for generations.

The foods that have come from in and around Louisville and our special region in the Ohio River Valley, as you are about to discover, are a cuisine style all their own. Louisville’s foodways have long relied on the local farming community and a unique mix of influences from cooks from long ago to now. Some are adoptions of Kentucky’s culinary cannon and several are the city’s own inventions.

We’ve collected more than a few for you to try below. Of course, the best way to enjoy them is while you’re here. That way you can sample all the fresh, local ingredients and each chef’s own unique spin on the dish. But you can also try your hand at each one at home. We’ve included some of the most popular local recipes. Even some of the original ones. So give them a try. For the full Louisville effect, you might want to have a sip or two of your favorite Kentucky Bourbon nearby. Bon Appetit Y’all.

Bourbon & Biscuits

Channel your inner Kentucky chef or mixologist and try your hand at some of Kentucky's signature dishes & drinks. Join hosts Stacey and Jessica in their hometown of Louisville as they teach you how to make their favorite recipes and Bourbon cocktails in this monthly video series.

See the most recent seasonal recipes and drink pairings here.

Beaten Biscuits

Accept no other substitute for your Kentucky Derby party, beaten biscuits are a must for your...

Beer Cheese

Served as a dip or topping for a burger, this culinary tradition was born in Kentucky in the 1940's.


The kind you eat, not drink

Bourbon Balls

It’s no secret that in Bourbon Country, the state’s signature spirit is a favorite ingredient in a...


Burgoo is Kentucky’s most famous stew, usually made for big gatherings. Burgoo dates to before the...

Country Ham

No matter how you slice it, country ham is synonymous with the South.

Derby Pie ®

Just by the name, it’s obvious that this delicious dessert originated in the hometown of the...

Fried Chicken

When it comes to fried chicken, the Bluegrass state is legendary. After all, this is the birthplace...

Henry Bain's Sauce

Louisville Chef Henry Bain concocted this now famous condiment served on the best Kentucky tables.

The Hot Brown

Louisville's most famous dish is a local legend and a decadent delight.

How to Make a Mint Julep

A trip to the Kentucky Derby wouldn’t be complete without sipping on the official drink of the...


The scrumptious combination of a soft marshmallow and a butter and cream caramel was created by...

The Old Fashioned Cocktail

Learn to make Louisville’s official cocktail with a shot of history.

Pimento Cheese

Called the Pâté of the South, in the words of Southern Living magazine, it’s “the best thing to...

Seelbach Cocktail

A classic cocktail of Bourbon & bubbles


Kentucky's "Syrup"