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The Arts and Cultural Alliance (ACA) is actively developing strategies for sector preparedness in resuming operations and reopening our doors once authorized and safe to do so. Our primary goal is to provide information and develop best practices to assist in the implementation of a phased approach that will ultimately allow arts and cultural organizations to return to normal operations, while simultaneously protecting the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, guests, and artists. We recognize that, for the foreseeable future, “normal operations” will require us to adopt reasonable measures that are tailored to the evolving circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nature and timing of the reopening process will be guided by federal, state, and local mandates and by the recommendations of health organizations such as the CDC, coupled with individual organizations' readiness. As such, we intend to work closely with our local and state agencies and representatives to ensure that the unique needs and conditions of arts and cultural organizations are represented in the development of governmental guidelines. The measures that we adopt to resume operations will also be influenced by factors such as the willingness of the public to return to large gatherings, and to submit to the health and safety precautions that we choose to implement; the availability and requirements of our artists; and the feasibility, cost, and revenue impacts of proposed health and safety measures.

Each organization is encouraged to create a reopening plan specific to their needs, adopted by board and staff. Organizations must assess their readiness to determine the appropriate phase in which they will open, considering staff training, facility and equipment needs and communication to constituents.

The following guidelines are suggested policies and procedures as it relates to best practices for the arts and cultural sector. The guidelines, when appropriate, address phases 1-3, correlating to the White House reopening phases and state phase restrictions and mitigation strategies. The guidelines were created with the use of best practices across national industry associations and recommendations from the CDC for workplace and hospitality.

The information and recommendations contained in this document should not be relied upon as being authorized or required by any law or regulation. In addition, we make no representation regarding the effectiveness of any risk mitigation measure in preventing or reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Each venue should consult with medical professionals and its own legal counsel and human resources to assess the legality and potential risks and liabilities associated with any measures it chooses to adopt.

Suggested Reopening Plans and Best Practices - Download Here