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The Best Places to Take Pictures in Downtown Louisville

Snap a selfie at these top 6 photo-worthy spots in Downtown Louisville.

a family of four pose for a photo on in Downtown Louisville

Louisville’s downtown is home to dozens of Instagram-worthy hot spots, including a collection of larger-than-life attractions that make the perfect photo backdrop. Snap a photo at these locations while you explore Louisville's culture and history.

1. The Barrel

Louisville’s Bourbon District | Fourth & Main Streets
The iconic Barrel sculpture functions as a gathering spot for visitors to the Bourbon District. Made with similar materials used to create an oak barrel, the 11-foot tall hoops invite visitors to walk through the Barrel and pose for dynamic photos while reflecting on the city's bourbon history.

Jumbo Rocks Glass at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience on Louisville's Main Street

2. Jumbo Rocks Glass

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience | 6th & Main Streets
Take a tour through the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and you will find a 6-foot by 6-foot cylindrical rocks glass that holds up to 1,264 gallons. This equates to 23 full barrels of Bourbon, making it the largest rocks glass in the world!

Serkan Ozkaya’s 30-foot-tall golden replica of the David Statue in front of the 21c Museum in Louisville

3. David Statue

21c Museum Hotel | 7th & Main Streets
Inspired by Michelangelo’s 16th century marble statue of David, artist Serkan Ozkaya’s 30-foot-tall golden replica has been a part of Main Street since 2012. Snap a photo of this golden statue then stroll through the 21c Museum to enjoy exhibits showcasing works created by 21st century artists. Or book a stay in one of 21c's boutique hotel rooms.

4. World's Largest Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory | 8th & Main Streets
Towering over Louisville's skyline since 1996, this 120 foot tall and 68,000 pound baseball bat sits at the entrance of the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Snap a photo from across the street or get your camera down low to capture the entire bat in frame.

5. Giant Parabolic Mirror

Kentucky Science Center | 8th & Main Streets
There are 2,273 individual mirrors that make up this enormous mirror. Originally used to generate energy by heating water to create steam this Giant Parabolic Mirror is now located outside of the Kentucky Science Center. The mirrors create a dazzling backdrop so be sure to stop for a photo!

6. Big Four® Bridge

Louisville’s Waterfront Park | East River Road
Take a stroll along this pedestrian and bicycle bridge linking Louisville’s Waterfront Park to Jeffersonville, IN, over the Ohio River. Visit in the early evening for beautiful, scenic views of the Ohio River during sunset.

Louisville is home to many photo-worthy attractions, including colorful murals and scenic parks. Spend the day exploring fun attractions, snapping photos, and falling in love with Louisville.