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Economic Impact

Tourism is the 3rd largest industry in Kentucky. Of the $14.5 Billion* economic impact it generates in Kentucky, $3.4 Billion** comes from tourism activity in Louisville.

The tourist dollars spent on day trips and overnight trips to Louisville supported 70,000 hospitality industry jobs*** in Jefferson County alone prior to the pandemic and currently supports 63,000. The economic impact is of course significant, but the results are even more important, as they positively affect the quality of life in Louisville itself.

Tourism generates funding for all kinds of economic initiatives, initiatives that directly benefit Louisville’s deep and diverse community. From one of the country’s finest metropolitan park systems, to an outstanding core of arts groups, to families and professionals, to researchers, investors, educators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike.

By maintaining its commitment to this critically important industry, Louisville simultaneously enriches and nurtures its infrastructure — which is why, year after year, Louisville ranks as one of the top cities in the nation for quality of life. In terms of the overall growth of population and other economic development ventures, it is important to remember that everyone not born in the city was first a visitor.

*Data from Economic Impact of Kentucky's Travel and Tourism Industry by CERTEC
**Tourism Economics report 2019
***US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Economic Impact of Tourism

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