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KMAC Museum Receives Highest National Recognition

KMAC Museum Receives Highest National Recognition

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 24, 2019) – KMAC Museum has achieved the highest national recognition afforded to American museums by becoming the seventh accredited institution in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This designation signifies excellence to the museum community, to governments, funders, outside agencies, and to the museum-going public. Of the nation’s estimated 33,000 museums, only 1070 are currently accredited. Accreditation is a very rigorous but highly rewarding process that examines all aspects of a museum’s operations.

“This is a tribute to the founders and supporters of KMAC Museum through the years,” said KMAC Executive Director Aldy Milliken. “Internally, we have been working on this goal for almost eight years; achieving accreditation is wholly due to the outstanding effort of KMAC’s board members and staff. Museums like KMAC that exist in the center of cities, responsive to our audiences and communities, are rewriting the ethos of how museums are operated and perceived.”

Laura L. Lott, American Alliance of Museums president and CEO, praised KMAC’s commitment to accreditation. “Accredited museums are a community of institutions that have chosen to hold themselves publicly accountable to excellence,” said Lott. “Accreditation is clearly a significant achievement, of which both the institutions and the communities they serve can be extremely proud.”

While accreditation can be considered a huge success for the KMAC, maintaining the high standards set by the American Alliance of Museums will require continued support from the community.

KMAC Museum hopes that this achievement will encourage local visitors, supporters and donors to become members of the museum or attend fundraising events like The Vernissage. The Vernissage, to be held on August 23rd, is a private art preview that gives attendees a chance to mingle and dine with the artists whose works will be featured in the upcoming KMAC Triennial exhibition, a showcase of contemporary art of the Commonwealth.

“We elevate the artists of the Commonwealth through exhibitions like the KMAC Triennial, and with the fact that our museum has reached the highest possible standard for an arts institution,” said Milliken. “The future is bright for KMAC Museum and Kentucky.”