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Here are some examples of the diverse opportunities within the tourism & hospitality industry, ranging from hotel management to event planning and culinary arts. Whether you're interested in running a resort, organizing travel experiences, marketing a destination, or managing restaurants, there's something here for you. Explore this dynamic and ever-growing industry.

1. Airlines, cruise companies, tour operators, tour companies, visitor information services, state or local tourism agencies

2. Hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, villas, cabins, travel sales, hotel conference & exhibition centers

3. Restaurants, bars, catering, food trucks, food halls

4. Theme parks, museums, galleries, casinos, concert and theatre venues, attractions, national and local parks, historical sites, agritourism

5. Concerts, festivals, galas, sporting events/venues, convention & exposition centers

6. Human resources, management, sales, marketing, membership, educational programming, finance, IT, social media