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January 19th
recurring event

Sonic Sensation Exhibit

  • Admission: Free with admission to Kentucky Science Center.
  • Location: Kentucky Science Center
  • 727 W. Main St.
  • Louisville, Kentucky 40202
  • Contact: Taylor U’Sellis

Sonic Sensation Exhibit

Sonic Sensation is a 1,500+ square feet hands-on interactive museum exhibition that will introduce children and their families to the science of sound and hearing.  Through the use of open-ended exhibits, visitors will better understand the physical and mathematical principles governing sound and gain a better understanding on how we interpret sounds.  The exhibition will serve to inspire and educate visitors through their interaction with the exhibits and each other.

Discover the awesome power of sound! Create sound waves in a tube. Match mystery sounds. Test your hearing. Sort high and low pitches on a turntable. Can you locate a cricket and cat in a kitchen just by listening? Mix a soundtrack. Launch a sound wave toward an eardrum. How many decibels can you produce with your own voice? Team up and let out a roar in the Scream Chamber!

Sonic Sensation (Exhibition) was developed and is owned and managed by Science Center and will close on May 21st.

Sonic Sensation is sponsored by ENT Care Centers.

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