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Vincenzo's Italian Restaurant


150 S. 5th St.
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 580-1350
Fax: (502) 580-1355

Vincenzo's Italian Restaurant


Vincenzo's represents Agostino and Vincenzo's personal dreams for a place of hospitality where our friends, old and new, can come to enjoy a truly special evening. Whether you join us for a simple meal or a multi-course culinary tour of our offerings, your comfort and dining pleasures are the reasons we are here.

To realize this dream, we have assembled a highly skilled kitchen and dining room staff to serve your every need. We strive to create an atmosphere in the restaurant itself that is both elegant and relaxed.

Our menu reflects our European heritage and training. In addition to continental classics, we offer our original Eurospa cuisine in answer to a growing preference among our guests for lighter fare.

Whether you choose to indulge your palate with traditional offerings, with our exclusive Eurospa selections or honor us with the personal selection of your meal, you will always be a guest in our home.

It is a privilege to have you with us.



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