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Omni Louisville Hotel

Omni Louisville Hotel


400 S. 2nd Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 313-6664

Omni Louisville Hotel


This luxurious new Omni property located in the heart of Downtown Louisville, is designed with intersecting towers that represent the crossroads of the past, present and future of Louisville. Inspired by the city’s rich history and authentic character, the Omni Louisville is transforming one of the city’s most significant urban blocks into a unique and vibrant mixed-use environment offering hotel guests, residents and locals a chance to connect and enjoy the best of a great city. The hotel is a prominent landmark against the Louisville skyline, glistening during the day and glowing at night, with the iconic glassy ends of the 612 room hotel. The hotel pool deck and rooftop bar, allows guests to rest, relax or socialize with spectacular views of the city from above. The essence of Louisville is woven throughout with interior design blends elements of the city’s heritage, culture and character, felt everywhere from the hotel restaurants to a featured upscale bourbon retail shop to the hotel’s Speakeasy and bowling alley. Guests can also enjoy Falls City Market, a dynamic 20,000 square foot modern urban lifestyle market connected to the lobby of the hotel. Transforming Liberty Street into a pedestrian thoroughfare, the market serves as a community gateway for hotel guests and locals alike, inviting the neighborhood in with the smells of freshly brewed Heine Bros. coffee, baked bread and pastries, and fragrant fresh flowers. For meeting and group inquiries, please contact Eamon O’Brien, Director of Sales & Marketing, at

  • Capacity:
  • Total Square Footage:
  • Facilities Floorplan:
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  • Fitness Room
  • High Speed Internet
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Outdoor_Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair_accessible
  • Wireless Internet

Meeting Space

Meeting Spaces

Board Room 1

Area: 541 sq. ft.

East Wing

Area: 1,757 sq. ft.

Grand 1

Area: 5,088 sq. ft.

Grand 1-2

Area: 10,172 sq. ft.

Grand 1-4

Area: 10,176 sq. ft.

Grand 2

Area: 5,008 sq. ft.

Grand 2-3

Area: 3,344 sq. ft.

Grand 3

Area: 1,751 sq. ft.

Grand 4

Area: 1,593 sq. ft.

Grand 4-5

Area: 3,333 sq. ft.

Grand 5

Area: 1,740 sq. ft.

Grand 5-8

Area: 12,278 sq. ft.

Grand 6

Area: 10,189 sq. ft.

Grand 6-7

Area: 10,185 sq. ft.

Grand 7

Area: 3,355 sq. ft.

Grand 7-8

Area: 1,157 sq. ft.

Grand 8

Area: 3,344 sq. ft.

Grand Foyer

Area: 20,361 sq. ft.

Junior 1

Area: 3,350 sq. ft.

Junior 1-2

Area: 3,392 sq. ft.

Junior 1-3

Area: 6,742 sq. ft.

Junior 1-4

Area: 2,286 sq. ft.

Junior 2

Area: 1,140 sq. ft.

Junior 2-3

Area: 2,252 sq. ft.

Junior 3

Area: 1,112 sq. ft.

Junior 4

Area: 1,140 sq. ft.

Junior 4-7

Area: 2,252 sq. ft.

Junior 5

Area: 6,793 sq. ft.

Junior 5-6

Area: 7,386 sq. ft.

Junior 5-7

Area: 9,836 sq. ft.

Junior 6

Area: 3,443 sq. ft.

Junior 6-7

Area: 803 sq. ft.

Junior 7

Area: 2,286 sq. ft.

Level 2 Grand Ballroom

Area: 1,746 sq. ft.

Level 2 Junior Ballroom

Area: 1,157 sq. ft.

Level 2 Meeting Rooms

Area: 917 sq. ft.

Level 3 Meeting Rooms

Area: 1,056 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 1

Area: 812 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 2

Area: 972 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 3

Area: 695 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 4

Area: 676 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 5

Area: 729 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 6

Area: 932 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 7

Area: 4,413 sq. ft.

Meeting Room 8

Area: 517 sq. ft.

Meeting Room A

Area: 518 sq. ft.

Meeting Room B

Area: 681 sq. ft.

Meeting Room C

Area: 748 sq. ft.

Meeting Room D

Area: 748 sq. ft.


Area: 1,129 sq. ft.


Area: 850 sq. ft.

West Wing

Area: 1,598 sq. ft.

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