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Lou’s Brews

Did you know that during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Louisville was a major southeastern brewing hub, competing with the likes of Midwestern giants Milwaukee and St. Louis?

It’s true. In fact, back then, it was difficult to walk six blocks through the city without coming across a brewery. It was all due to an influx of German immigrants who saw to it that brewing was a focal point of Louisville’s social and economic culture. They brought with them German brewing traditions - leading to the introduction of lager brewing here. A century later, Louisville’s brewing scene is again rising, with new breweries opening each year and existing breweries raising the bar ever higher.

Get a taste of Lou’s Brews at these fine local breweries:

The best beers in town aren’t only found in the breweries though. These bars pour beers from local, national and international breweries and stock some of the rarest brews in the world.

Looking for a way to experience the craft beer scene, learn a little history and let someone else do the driving? Check out the Lou’s Brew Bus: http://www.lousbrewbus.com/

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Bluegrass Brewing Co.

Bluegrass Brewing Co.

Having opened in 2010, our location at the southwest corner of 3rd and Main is centered in the heart of downtown Louisville and has convenient access to the YUM!…

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Goodwood Brewing Company

Goodwood Brewing Company

Why take the extra time to wood-age beer? Why insist on the same pure, limestone water used to make bourbon? Well, here at Goodwood, we’ve come to believe that…

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