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Robin Vanzant, Louisville Tourism

Director of Finance and Administration

I began my career in hospitality in 1989 at Louisville Tourism as a Finance Manager. In 1996 I was promoted to Director of Finance and Administration.

I worked here for 27 years, retired and then I was lucky enough after 3 years to be able to return and finish out my career here. I feel like this is the last job you ever want to have.

The hospitality sector is just a really great career choice. Accounting isn’t always the most exciting or fun job but Louisville Tourism has found a way to make it that way. I love how you can do a job and it can be fun. We get to wear so many hats. I love telling people that I get to work in this awesome, fun industry.

My biggest “aha” moment is finding out how many different things Louisville Tourism does and is responsible for. Also, when I first started working every time housing would get a call they would announce on the intercom “Housing you have a call on line 1 or whatever”. I had no idea what housing was so I thought we found homes for people too.

If I had to give advice to my younger self, I would tell her, “Don’t sweat the small things and enjoy working here because time goes by so fast.” Also, realize a lot earlier how lucky I am to get up every morning and come to work at a job I love and with people I consider family.