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Louisville Visitor Center

How does your business show its Louisville spirit?

At the Louisville Visitor Center, we hope we are one of the first stops for visitors coming to the city. Whether our guests are looking for brochures, maps, itineraries, dining suggestions or one-of-a-kind

Louisville swag, more than anything, we love showing them Louisville’s Southern hospitality and letting them see firsthand why Louisville was named one of “America’s Friendliest Cities.” We are

constantly promoting all of the great things Louisville has to offer. On a rotating basis, the Louisville Visitor Center features a different attraction partner in our front window as a way to showcase

different areas of town. We also showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of locals who proudly make local products like soaps, lotions, home décor and more. Along with all of that, our team hosts events

that capture the Louisville spirit – everything from special after-hours events to holding press conferences for exciting events coming up in the city. We are typically the first people that locals and visitors meet when they are downtown, so our team strives to embody the spirit that makes up our #SpiritedCity.

As a business, what do you love most about Louisville?

The Louisville Visitor Center is a spirited place. Where else can you snap a selfie with life-size replicas of KFC Founder Col. Sanders and Muhammad Ali? Or be greeted at the front doors by a larger-than-life Mint Julep Cup? Or learn the various ways to pronounce Louisville? Louisville is like a well-woven tapestry that brings people from all the neighborhoods together. The lines of this tapestry cross one another

to create a diverse and dynamic bond that flows from neighborhood to neighborhood, and person to person. From this, Louisville has something to offer everyone—locals and visitors alike.

What does your business do to give back to the local community?

As a beacon of hospitality, we love sharing the Louisville Love about everything from the city’s iconic attractions and can’t miss festivals and events – to the city’s award-winning cuisine and one-of-a-kind

Bourbon scene – and everything in between. There is so much excitement going on in Louisville right now. We also have an incredible volunteer core who are out in the community at these events,

giving of their time to assist with questions, provide walking tours that highlight Louisville’s history and make everyone feel welcome.

What do you love most about the neighborhood where your business is located?

Being located near the heart of downtown on Fourth Street across from the Kentucky International Convention Center and within walking distance of the 4th Street Live! entertainment complex allows

the Louisville Visitor Center team to show off our enthusiasm about Louisville with all of the people that we chat with daily. Our downtown area is also very walkable to numerous art installations, attractions, restaurants and shops. Thanks to the new Lou-Velo rental bikes, we can experience more of what downtown has to offer and even venture into some of our surrounding neighborhoods like Old Louisville, NuLu, Butchertown and more.

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