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Spring 2021 Guest Blogger: George Harrison

Bio: I have lived in Louisville for 35 years now after moving from Wisconsin. I’ve been married for 39 years, with two sons, one that lives here in Louisville, with the one in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why is it important for you to serve on Louisville Tourism's Black Tourism Advisory Council?

It’s important for me to participate to help Louisville Tourism build and grow the city’s Black tourism experience.

How many years have you lived in Louisville:


What neighborhood do you live in?

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?
I love that it is close to downtown and many other neighborhoods. It’s also close to my younger son.

What motivates your own personal travel?

I enjoy traveling with my family and also attending different festivals, especially music festivals.

What are the Top 5 musts for the Quintessential Black Experience in Louisville?

My top 5 would be the Muhammad Ali Center, Roots 101 African American Museum, Evan Williams Bourbon Experience of course, Lucretia's Kitchen, and Queen of Sheba.

What makes your Top 5 suggestions "must dos"?

They’re great places to learn about The Greatest (Muhammad Ali), and other llittle-knownLouisville history. And then it’s important to finish with delicious food.

Where do you like to eat?

Repeal Steakhouse, Mussel & Burger Bar, and Queen of Sheba are all great options.

What do you order to eat your at favorite restaurant?

I don't really have a favorite restaurant because I try to visit many different places.

Where’s your favorite place to grab a drink?

Several places I enjoy are some brewpubs like Against the Grain and Apocalypse Brew Works for delicious beer. Garage Bar is also good along with NuLu overall.

What should I order to drink at your favorite bar?
I’d recommend the Manhattan at Garage Bar.

Where would you suggest a guest to the city stay and why?
Any of the Downtown hotels. There are a lot of activities to do very close by, many within walking distance.

What is your favorite seasonal event?
I enjoy WFPK Waterfront Wednesday at Waterfront Park. There is free music along the riverfront and it’s good support for local public media.

How do you drink your bourbon?


What else would you like more people to know more about Louisville?
This is a terrific town with activities for everyone!