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8 Local Spots to Find an Iconic Derby Hat

The long-standing tradition of wearing bigger than life hats continues. Whether you’re watching from Churchill Downs or from the screen at home, your derby day isn't complete without a festive hat.

Wild Hats
If you want a hat that is sure to stand out from the rest, look no further. Wild Hats makes each of their hats to their customer's order. From slim and chic western style hats to loud and wild hats decked out with anything from flowers and ribbons to skulls and crossbones, there’s a stylish hat for anyone looking to celebrate with some flare.

Anna’s Additions
A wildly colorful selection of hats for your Derby celebration. The classic derby style hats are both loud and classy and are sure to impress. Shop in store from 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday to grab a hat filled with feathers, flowers, and more.

Forme´ Millinery Hat Shop – Master Millner Jenny Pfanstiel
Founded by master milliner, Jenny Pfanstiel, the Forme´ Millinery Hat Shop is the place to get your next Derby hat. Here you can get a one-of-a-kind hat from the official millinery of the Kentucky Derby Museum.

The Hat Girls
Use your imagination to design and create custom headwear for any special occasion - with a special focus on extravagant, show-stopping hats that are perfect for the Kentucky Derby season! Their wearable art ranges from classic ‘Southern Belle’ style Derby hats to stunning, head-turning headpieces. Whether you’re attending the Derby or any other event, The Hat Girls have you covered with their stunning collection of ladies’ hats from a women-owned business.

The Hat Shoppe Louisville
Your ultimate destination for elegant Derby hats. From classic wide-brimmed styles to whimsical fascinators, they offer a curated selection that captures the spirit of the Derby. Whether you’re attending the races or watching from home, The Hat Shoppe has you covered.

Kenzie Kapp
A Louisville-based designer, crafts exquisite, handcrafted hats and headpieces that embody the spirit of the Derby. Her store, The Mill by Kenzie, has a wide variety of outfit toppers to help you find the perfect match.

Mamili 502
Founded by Melissa Huff, one of the official milliners of the Kentucky Derby Museum, is a seasonal boutique specializing in custom hats and fascinators. Their handcrafted designs capture the essence of Derby fashion, making them the perfect choice for race day or any special occasion.

Work the Metal
Your go-to destination for unique Derby hats and accessories. Their exquisite collection includes over 30 different bundle styles and 5 fabulous feather styles, ranging from bright neons to rich jewel tones and classic neutrals. Whether you’re attending the races at the track or simply want to add a touch of personal uniqueness to your Derby look, Work the Metal has you covered!

To learn more about the Kentucky Derby and how to experience Louisville during Derby season, visit: https://www.gotolouisville.com/events-calendar/annual-events/kentucky-derby-guide/

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