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Zack Davis


Vice President of Destination Services

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(502) 560-1465

Cinnamon Jawor

Director of Destination Services

High Profile Groups & Industry Shows

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(502) 560-1485

Melissa Sparks

Director of Strategic Alliances

Partnership & Sponsorship Inquiries

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(502) 560-0015

Becca Lloyd


Senior Housing Services Manager

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(502) 560-0019

Destiny Monyhan


Senior Destination Services Manager

Educational, Health & Medical, Social Welfare, Scientific, Engineering & Tech, Legal, Government, Public Admin, Public Affairs, Labor Unions

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(502) 560-1476

Brad Knapp

Destination Services Manager

Sports, Athletics, Cultural (Leisure Events & Festivals), Hobby, Avocational

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(502) 560-0012

Melea Runyon

Destination Services Manager

State, Religious, Fraternal, Reunions (Family & Military), Agricultural, Veterans

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(502) 736-3496

Taylor Schulz

Destination Services Manager

Trade, Commercial & Business, Corporate, Direct Selling

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(502) 379-6110

Olivia Woods


Strategic Alliances & Housing Manager

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(502) 560-1493

Stephanie Biggers

Destination Services Assistant

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Kathryn Peck

Strategic Alliances Assistant


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(502) 560-0017