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As anyone who comes here soon discovers, Louisville is one of the most uniquely authentic destinations on the planet.

For most people Bourbon is a spirit that comes in a glass. And no one is more famous for it than Louisville. But here in Louisville, Bourbon is so much more than that. Here, Bourbon is also a spirit that lives in our minds and hearts, and shapes our way of life, every day.

You see, Bourbon began here in these parts centuries ago, the product of some of the most spirited entrepreneurs to ever walk the earth. Their unique and free-thinking spirit was passed down generation to generation and built the Bourbon industry as we now know it. It’s this same spirit that went on and created Louisville itself - a city that combines heritage with innovation, authenticity with originality, and quirkiness with friendliness in a way that’s completely unique to our region.

It’s this same spirit that provides Louisville with a brand of Southern-ness and hospitality unlike anyplace else. Yes, Bourbon is a spirit that comes in a glass, but it’s also a spirit that defines our culture and compassion, our arts and parks, our creative energy, not to mention our highly acclaimed culinary scene.

Welcome to Bourbon City.

Est. 1778

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Why the Fleur de Lis?

Why is the fleur de lis a part of Louisville's logo and seen throughout town on street signs, in architectural embellishments, tattooed on locals and on merchandise in stores? Well, Louisville was named after King Louis XVI of the House of Bourbon in 1778 in appreciation of France’s assistance in the Revolutionary War. Therefore, his family’s symbol, the fleur de lis, was long ago adopted by Louisville as the city’s emblem. It is the centerpiece of the city’s Official Seal as well as a symbol of hometown pride among locals.

LOOAVUL. LUHVUL. LOUEVILLE. LOUAVILLE. LOOEYVILLE. LOUISVILLE.® You're kind of city, any way you say it.