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Louisville Neighborhoods

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Louisville’s earliest neighborhoods were incorporated river towns each with its own strong sense of neighborhood identity. By 1830-1860 the area saw an influx of German and Irish immigrants. By 1890-1930 streetcars marked the era of the beginning of the city’s suburbs. After WWII, planning pioneers, including Frederick Law Olmsted, gave rise to neighborhoods, combining rural ambiance with urban amenities. In the late 20th century, many of the city’s oldest neighborhoods went through a revitalization movement. Over the last decade, the Louisville community has seen an enormous growth in the number of immigrants and refugees who now call the city “home.”

North, south, east or west – Louisville offers a wealth of attractions and fantastic historic architecture in every direction. The striking local landscape includes six tree-lined parkways and 18 parks designed by New York’s Central Park planner Frederick Law Olmsted. One of only five Olmsted park systems in existence, Louisville’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city’s public parks include playgrounds, swimming and wading pools, basketball courts, baseball fields, football fields, hockey rinks, recreation centers, horseback riding and more than 30 miles of bike lanes throughout the city.

Louisville Neighborhoods:
East End/Hurstbourne
Bardstown Road/Baxter Avenue
Frankfort Avenue
Old Louisville