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Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations

While everything we do at Louisville Tourism is a team effort, it is crucial to understand where roles are defined, responsibilities lay and expectations of each department on any given project.

Think of the Marketing Team as your idea curators. Give us your vision, and we will provide suggestions, vision boards, venue and gift options, booth layouts, etc. We are here to help make connections between industry peers, organizations, venue contacts and vendors where applicable. We curate and connect, the department leads follow through to make these visions a reality and we’re available to assist when needed.

For marketing material needs, the Marketing team will design and execute needed materials and order any printed collateral and/or signage.

If needing assistance with an activation, the Marketing team can be an extension of your team to help execute education sessions, cocktail and cooking demonstrations, and connect with distillery or restaurant representatives.

For booth needs, please connect with your marketing representative to discuss your vision for your booth, and if you need to reserve, modify one of our larger booth displays through Deckel & Moneypenny. The department lead should order a Scope of Work. All booth orders should be placed by the department lead. The department lead and department attendees should manage all booth set-up.

For event execution, the Marketing team is happy to do the research and make the initial asks to get the event process started. All venue selections, contract negotiations, budgeting, organization materials and menu selections should be seen by department leads.

We understand that there is a lot of gray area here, and we are all on the same team working towards the same goal. These roles, responsibilities and expectations overlap more often than not. Let’s all work together to plan and have a successful internal and external experience for our co-workers and attendees.