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Shirley Mae's Café


Coming to Shirley Mae’s Café is like coming home to dinner. In a quaint little clay-brick building on the corner of Clay & Lampton Streets in downtown Louisville, KY, you’ll find Shirley Mae in her cozy li’l kitchen creating a little slice of heaven… if Southern cuisine or soul food is what you crave. Each customer is given Shirley Mae’s special attention as she fries, sautés and prepares many menu items to-order. In fact, Shirley Mae’s Café is one of the few restaurants of its kind where the kitchen is wide open so that the customers can actually watch their food being prepared. And Shirley Mae always insists on fresh food… That’s truly what makes Shirley Mae one-of-a-kind. “I don’t like artificial anything,” Shirley Mae once told Courier-Journal food critic Marty Rosen. “The way I cook takes some time, but cooking is a waste of time if you don’t do it right.”