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Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage

The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage is the result of a collection of African American educators, artists and historians who have collaborated to give the long dormant history of African Americans in the region the voice and platform it deserves. This group evolved from the Louisville and Jefferson County African American Heritage Committee into its current mold, with a single unifying goal of promoting the Kentuckiana region’s black heritage. In 1994, The African American Heritage Foundation (AAHF) had the initial goal of encouraging the preservation of African American sites, communities and culture. This began with the preservation of historic structures in the African American community, and the recognition of important sites through its historic marker program. Now, the AAHF has opened a Center, located at 18th and Muhammad Ali Blvd. in Louisville, Kentucky. The center is dedicated to the sole purpose of showcasing these triumphs. Here, African American history has the platform to share its monumental achievements with the community in which it took place. The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage is a grand spot to host your next event. Our building can accommodate events of any fashion. The Center is available for wedding receptions, corporate retreats, meeting space and more.


  • 1701 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
  • Louisville, KY  40203
  • Wheelchair_accessible

  • Attraction Length of Tour 90 min
Great Hall

Area: 4,500sqft.
Reception Capacity: 500
Theater Capacity: 750
Banquet Capacity: 400
Classroom Capacity: 150

Great Hall Gallery

Area: 960sqft.
Reception Capacity: 100
Theater Capacity: 160
Banquet Capacity: 60
Classroom Capacity: 50

Great Hall Rotunda

Area: 360sqft.
Reception Capacity: 60
Theater Capacity: 60
Banquet Capacity: 30
Classroom Capacity: 15

Lecture Gallery

Area: 480sqft.
Reception Capacity: 70
Theater Capacity: 60
Banquet Capacity: 58
Classroom Capacity: 25

Pavilion Lobby

Area: 1,920sqft.
Reception Capacity: 250
Theater Capacity: 320
Banquet Capacity: 160
Classroom Capacity: 100

Russell Hall

Area: 2,400sqft.
Reception Capacity: 300
Theater Capacity: 400
Banquet Capacity: 200
Classroom Capacity: 125