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Neeley Family Distillery


Neeley Family Distillery is a small family-owned and operated venue located in the rolling hills of the Kentucky bluegrass. The Neeley Family has been distilling and bootlegging illegally in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky for Eleven generations until 2015 when Tenth Generation Roy Neeley and Eleventh Generation Royce Neeley took the family business legal for the first time.

Roy hand-built the state-of-the-art distillery himself in Sparta, Kentucky. Royce, who is the Lead Distiller, makes his spirits the historical way with old family mash recipes using Pot Stills, Cypress Fermenters, Sweet Mash, only the finest local grains, the freshest Kentucky Limestone water, and the Neeley Family Yeast Strand, which is propagated at the distillery. All of our spirits are non-chill-filtered, preserving the unique natural flavor of each one. 

The Neeley Family is devoted to honoring their forefathers' craft by producing high-quality spirits; the family distills history daily.