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Augusta Distillery


Before distilleries began springing up in central Kentucky, bourbon whisky flowed right here in the original Bourbon County. Corn-based distillations from hilltop stills found their way down to the banks of Augusta in old oaken barrels, where they were loaded on flat bottom boats and distributed downstream to the west and south. This journey would not only transport the whisky, but also transform it into what we know today as bourbon.

The precise mash recipe would be canonized, and the Ohio River would become the vehicle to advance the popularity of this uniquely Kentucky spirit. Today, the waterfront remains a defining attribute of our charming river town as the Augusta Distillery proudly occupies one of the historical first stops on the original Bourbon Trail. With casual ease, authenticity, and a humble sophistication, our bourbons capture our prosperous past and enterprising future with products designed to help unwind, revel, and linger just a little while longer.



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