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Louisville and Kentucky have rich culinary traditions steeped in Bourbon, which is the inspiration for the online video series, Bourbon & Biscuits. On the show, hosts Stacey and Jessica share their favorite local food and Bourbon cocktail recipes. For Stacey, most of these recipes are family traditions while others are famous Kentucky staples. In each episode, Jessica creates a Bourbon cocktail to pair with the dish that Stacey is making. Some of these are original concoctions, but many are classic cocktails or recipes from local bartenders.

In the series, you’ll find recipes for such classics as biscuits, fried chicken, the Hot Brown, Benedictine, Henry Bain’s Sauce and many more, alongside cocktails like Louisville’s own Old Fashioned, the Kentucky Mule, and “Bananas Forester.”

Recent Episodes

Kentucky Maple Syrup

Kentucky maple syrup is making a comeback, so on this episode Stacey uses it in Bacon Maple Biscuits and Jessica uses it to make a cold brew, maple bourbon cocktail coined "My Morning Maple."

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Woodford Pudding & Bourbon Butterscotch Martinis

This classic Kentucky dessert is a super moist cake, or pudding, served with a warm Bourbon sauce and paired with a butterscotch-flavored cocktail.

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Sautéed Summer Squash & Blueberry Basil Manhattans

We're embracing the end of summer with an easy seasonal side and a fruit-forward take on a Manhattan cocktail.

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Peach Chiffon Pie & Peach Sours

Learn to make a classic celebratory summer pie along with a seasonal take on the whiskey sour - all with peaches!

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Tomato Pie & Basil Gold Rushes

It's tomato & basil season in Kentucky, so we're using our farm-fresh produce in a classic southern Tomato Pie and to make a seasonal take on the Gold Rush cocktail.

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Pimento Cheese Mac and Cheese & Kentucky Arnold Palmers

We've got two recipes perfect for bringing to a family reunion or summer potluck. Stacey has made a crowd-pleasing macaroni & cheese with her famous pimento cheese and Jessica has a great versatile cocktail made with iced tea, lemonade and Bourbon to pair with it.

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Rebecca Sauce & Strawberry Paper Planes

We've got some garden-fresh strawberries to enjoy in this episode, so Stacey whipped up some Rebecca Sauce - a creamy fruit dip - and Jessica made a strawberry-infused Paper Plane cocktail.

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Mint Julep Brownies & Strawberry Juleps

April is Mint Julep Month - so naturally we're making two julep-inspired items for this episode. Try a chocolatey dessert version of the official cocktail of the Derby or make one to sip on with a fruity twist.

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Louisville Fish Fry & Bourbon Rickeys

It's officially Fish Fry season in Louisville so we're sharing Stacey's favorite Lent-friendly recipe paired with a light and refreshing cocktail that's actually on old take on a new favorite.

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Oysters with Bourbon Mignonette & Kentucky Royales

Elevate your Valentine's Day dinner with raw oysters and champagne cocktails - both with a Kentucky twist, of course.

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Cornbread & Bourbon Hot Chocolate

It's time for some cozy winter treats. Stacey is making a traditional Kentucky-style cornbread to pair with your soup beans or burgoo and Jessica is making dessert this time - a Bourbon-spiked hot chocolate.

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Southern Cheese Straws & French 78

Stacey and Jessica share two recipes that are great to serve when hosting a festive party. A Kentucky riff on the classic French 75 champagne cocktail makes a perfect pairing with homemade, crunchy cheese-filled crackers.

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