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Culinary & Cocktail Recipes

A collection of cocktails and culinary recipes with bourbon influence for your enjoyment!

Kentucky Maple Syrup

Kentucky maple syrup is making a comeback, so on this episode Stacey uses it in Bacon Maple Biscuits and Jessica uses it to make a cold brew, maple bourbon cocktail coined "My Morning Maple."

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Sautéed Summer Squash & Blueberry Basil Manhattans

We're embracing the end of summer with an easy seasonal side and a fruit-forward take on a Manhattan cocktail.

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Peach Chiffon Pie & Peach Sours

Learn to make a classic celebratory summer pie along with a seasonal take on the whiskey sour - all with peaches!

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Tomato Pie & Basil Gold Rushes

It's tomato & basil season in Kentucky, so we're using our farm-fresh produce in a classic southern Tomato Pie and to make a seasonal take on the Gold Rush cocktail.

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Pimento Cheese Mac and Cheese & Kentucky Arnold Palmers

We've got two recipes perfect for bringing to a family reunion or summer potluck. Stacey has made a crowd-pleasing macaroni & cheese with her famous pimento cheese and Jessica has a great versatile cocktail made with iced tea, lemonade and Bourbon to pair with it.

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Rebecca Sauce & Strawberry Paper Planes

We've got some garden-fresh strawberries to enjoy in this episode, so Stacey whipped up some Rebecca Sauce - a creamy fruit dip - and Jessica made a strawberry-infused Paper Plane cocktail.

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Mint Julep Brownies & Strawberry Juleps

April is Mint Julep Month - so naturally we're making two julep-inspired items for this episode. Try a chocolatey dessert version of the official cocktail of the Derby or make one to sip on with a fruity twist.

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Louisville Fish Fry & Bourbon Rickeys

It's officially Fish Fry season in Louisville so we're sharing Stacey's favorite Lent-friendly recipe paired with a light and refreshing cocktail that's actually on old take on a new favorite.

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Oysters with Bourbon Mignonette & Kentucky Royales

Elevate your Valentine's Day dinner with raw oysters and champagne cocktails - both with a Kentucky twist, of course.

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Cornbread & Bourbon Hot Chocolate

It's time for some cozy winter treats. Stacey is making a traditional Kentucky-style cornbread to pair with your soup beans or burgoo and Jessica is making dessert this time - a Bourbon-spiked hot chocolate.

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Southern Cheese Straws & French 78

Stacey and Jessica share two recipes that are great to serve when hosting a festive party. A Kentucky riff on the classic French 75 champagne cocktail makes a perfect pairing with homemade, crunchy cheese-filled crackers.

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Bourbon BBQ Meatballs & Italian Manhattans

It's Bourbon Heritage Month, so we are rounding out a Bourbon-themed dinner with an appetizer course! Try Stacey's family recipe for meatballs with a Bourbon twist, paired with Jessica's Italian-influenced Manhattan.

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