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Hotel Development

Louisville’s hotel boom continues to explode with new hotels and true to city's form, there is something for everyone.

Hotel Info Sheet

Enhancements include a renovation and expansion of the downtown convention center that will increase Louisville’s meetings prospects by 25 percent. The convention “package” will also become more competitive with the addition of 1,500 rooms by 2018 including a 612-room Omni Hotel adjacent to the center and the city’s primary entertainment corridors. Add the 10 distilleries that will comprise an Urban Bourbon Experience, and Louisville is an entirely new destination by summer of 2018.

One of the most anticipated projects is the Omni Hotel that will open its doors in Louisville in 2018. The luxury hospitality giant is looking to change the skyline of Louisville with a new 30-plus story building featuring 600 hotel rooms, luxury apartments, a grocery store, two restaurants and a rooftop café and spa. Several more hotels are expected to open in the downtown area, the east end and even in Louisville’s trendy NuLu area.