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Pizza Places in Louisville KY

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Though not known for a particular style of pizza, but the headquarters of two national chains (Papa John’s and Pizza Hut), Louisville loves its pie.

One neighborhood in particular is a haven for pizza lovers offering a taste of almost every local outfit. You can also wash that down with some great craft beer in the hops-loving Highlands.


Ma Zerella's

Southern Indiana

Pleasant family-run-for-family-fun establish­ments. Pizza, pasta, salads and subs served for lunch and dinner seven days a...

Mimo's Pizzeria

Southern Indiana

People move to the Knobs for its bucolic setting, but locals still crave their pizza fix. Mimo’s provides that with daily...


East End

We believe in locally sourced ingredients for our MozzaPi pizzas, Louismill breads and all of our baked goods. This belief...

Pizza Bar

Louisville, KY

Pizza Bar Louisville is your go-to bar that has a hint of sarcasm, a sniff of nostalgia, and a slice of home because you...

Pizza Donisi


Popular with Old Louisville hipsters, the “Mag Bar” has long needed a nearby pizza joint. Now it has it and it’s owned by...

Pizza Lupo

Clifton & Cresent Hill

The centerpiece of a Neapolitan pizza experience is the oven, and ours (heated daily to 900 degrees F) was imported from...