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Louisville’s growing food reputation has put the city on the culinary map. And it’s not just the eclectic, innovate and award-winning restaurant scene, but also locally made products that are setting the city apart. In addition to the 200-year-old bourbon heritage, there is also a long beer history with a current craft resurgence and the city’s local coffee scene is well, buzzing.

Louisville’s food heritage is full of mouth-watering originals and regional classics that have shaped Bourbon City’s culinary landscape for generations harkening from our special region in the Ohio River Valley, as you are about to discover. Louisville is the birthplace of the Hot Brown sandwich, the sweet Modjeska, Benedictine and claims the first cheeseburger.

Louisville’s foodways have long relied on the local farming community and a unique mix of influences from cooks from long ago to now. Some are adoptions of Kentucky’s culinary cannon and several are the city’s own inventions.

Louisville has racked up many culinary accolades including:

  • “South’s Best Food Cities” by Southern Living
  • “America’s Favorite Cities for Food” by Travel + Leisure
  • “Top Local Food Scenes” by USA Today.

From bourbon-infused to international flare – Louisville’s cuisine could best be described as “New Southern.”

Louisville has more than 2,500 restaurants, numerous James Beard nominated and award-winning chefs, and even the Urban Bourbon Trail - earning it the title of “Culinary Capital of Bourbon Country.” This is a place where some of the most spectacular Bourbon creations may actually come from the chefs.