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Facts About Louisville

Tourism is the State's second largest private employer. This is just one of many interesting facts about Louisville Kentucky.

  • The Belle of Louisville is the oldest operating Mississippi-style sternwheeler steamboat in existence- She will be 100 years old in 2014!
  • There are 2,500 restaurants in Louisville


  • There are 554 roses used in the garland of roses presented to the winner of the Kentucky Derby
  • 100,000 Mint Juleps are poured during the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks
  • Population of Louisville metropolitan statistical area in 2000 was 1,025,598
  • There are 1,300 animals at the 134-acre Louisville Zoo
  • There are 220 acres of exposed, Devonian age fossil beds (located at the Falls of the Ohio State Park
  • The largest collection of Victorian homes in the United State and the 3rd largest historically preserved district in the United States is located in Old Louisville
  • 17 tons of Kentucky limestone makes up the baseball glove inside the Louisville Slugger Museum
  • 24 feet of “full pipe” was used at the 40,000 square foot Louisville Extreme Park

  • There is an average of 100 daily departures from Louisville International Airport
  • There are 386 square miles in the Louisville Metro area Tourism is the State’s second largest private employer
  • Tourism is the third largest service industry in Jefferson County
  • Tourism is the third largest revenue-producing industry in Kentucky
  • Sales tax collected in Kentucky is 6%.
  • There are 12 carriers that the Louisville International Airport offers Slugger Museum
  • Hotel occupancy tax collected in Jefferson County is 16.07%

  • 36,000 jobs are supported by the tourism industry in Jefferson County
  • Tourism generates $12.5 billion in state and local taxes annually Economic impact of direct visitor spending in Jefferson County is $3.16 billion Our American Printing House for the Blind is the largest printer of Braille material in the world