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Research & Data Manager

  • SoIN Tourism

Position Type:
  • Full Time

  • First

  • Destination Marketing Organization

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Application Deadline: 2022-08-10 15:38:46

Reports to: Chief Marketing Officer Supports the organization’s roles of destination marketing and destination development by overseeing the sourcing, analyzing and reporting of data and primary research as it relates to the community’s tourism, leisure and hospitality economy. The insights provided inform organizational strategy as well as community and business planning. Responsibilities Market Research – 30% • Manage research projects and studies sourced both internally and from vendors (e.g., event impact calculators, visitor profile, destination image, industry economic impact, resident sentiment, visitor guide & website usability and influence). • Develop an ongoing and evolving data and research plan; evaluate vendors and recommend budget needs related to the role. Data Analysis – 50% • Analyze data from PPC, SEO and digital channels in Google analytics and provide reports monthly; recommend improvements to maximize marketing effectiveness. • Analyze accommodations and visitor geolocation data from purchased data sources as it pertains to the tourism economy and its impact on the region. • Analyze data for trends that inform marketing needs, hotel forecasting and other economic development uses. • Develop a consistent system of readable, understandable and actionable data reporting in partnership with the Visual Content Manager. Customize presentation of data to various audiences (internal, board, community, industry partners). • Gather primary data from internal systems; categorize and analyze available data from visitor services that informs marketing. • Develop internal systems to categorize and analyze metrics with available data from CRM that informs sales efforts. • Be an integral part of the marketing, communications and sales team providing actionable intelligence and influencing smarter decision making. • Assist and advise in incorporating new technologies into marketing efforts and website. Community Relations – 20% • Participate in industry associations such as Travel & Tourism Research Association; Destinations International; US Travel Association, Indiana Tourism Association; sharing data and expertise and providing leadership in the industry. • Develop standard advisory services for tourism and community partners regarding their own marketing effectiveness, website analytics, etc. • Present and/or prepare data reports for presentations by team members at public speaking engagements in the community, for the tourism industry and through higher education opportunities. Desired Skills and Experience • A true data geek who, as a child, always asked adults “why” – and still does. An unquenchable thirst for the real answer and the determination to keep working until they get it. No stranger to the rabbit holes that data can drag them down, they also keep their eye on the big picture and find timely answers from a variety of sources. • Advanced technical aptitude, proficient with data visualization software. • Solid verbal and written communication skills. • Coursework or experience in economics, marketing, statistics and analysis a plus. • Strong problem-solving skills. • Strategic thinking. • Ability to streamline processes. • Capacity to manage multiple projects and tasks. • Commitment to quality and accuracy. • Demonstrated experience working in a team environment with other specialized team members, completing projects and achieving desired results. • Valid driver’s license and ability to drive own car as well as company vehicles. Education • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, data science, informatics or related field. The above is intended to describe the general content for the performance of this position. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of responsibilities and duties.