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Laundry Attendant

  • Hampton Inn Downtown Louisville

Position Type:
  • Full Time

  • First

  • Hotel

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Application Deadline: 12-31-2022

•Employees must at all times be attentive, friendly, helpful and courteous to guests, managers and fellow employees •Understand operation of washing machines and dryers. •Load and unload washes according to standards. •Wash and dry all dirty linens, towels, rags, etc. •Sort all hotel linen according to type, color, size, etc. •Pre-treat all stained linen before washing. •Clean dryer filter daily and maintain all equipment as trained. •Operate iron as per standard and ensure that it is shut off at the end of day. •Sweep and mop laundry floors, storing all linens off the floor. •Fold towels and linens. •Remove and sort dirty linens and towels from laundry carts. •Keep laundry carts clean and free of debris. •Maintain clean work area. •Sort clean laundry according to type and load carts. •Ensure overall guest satisfaction.