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Why Hospitality and Tourism

Learn more about Why Hospitality and Tourism matter in Louisville.


The hotel industry is responsible for nearly 2 million jobs in communities across America and remains a driving force in providing vast opportunities for professional training, long-term careers, competitive wages and good benefits.

For more than six consecutive years, the hotel industry has been growing jobs at a record pace. In the last year alone, the industry added more than 20,000 new hotel jobs and more than 100,000 new travel-related jobs, resulting in an increase of over $12 billion in travel-related wages and salaries, up six percent. As a business of people serving people, our industry thrives because our people are at the core of our industry, which is why we are an above minimum-wage employer.

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Museums play an essential role in cultural and social life across the US. They tell our stories, preserve our heritage, interpret the past, and explore the future. In this way, museums enrich our lives daily—feeding a hunger for knowledge and igniting our imaginations. But beyond this cultural impact, the museum sector is also essential to the national economy of the United States—generating GDP, stimulating jobs, and contributing taxes.

Each year, more than 850 million visits are made to US museums from all across US society, and that number continues to grow. To meet this level of demand, the museum sector directly supports 372,100 jobs and generates $15.9 billion in income. In support of the sector, museum volunteers also contribute more than a million hours of service every week, which we do not quantify. But, the economic contribution of museums also extends far beyond these immediate operations—in ways that we calculate in this report.

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Feeding the U.S. Economy

With restaurants on every street of our towns and cities and along vast stretches of America’s roads and highways, restaurant industry activity has become a huge component of the U.S. economy. The industry’s economic health is now a leading indicator of the nation’s economic health, and industry growth is a significant factor in the nation’s economic outlook.

The Facts

  • The industry’s annual sales are projected to reach $799 billion
  • Industry’s share of the food dollar is 48 percent
  • Industry sales constitute 4 percent of the U.S. GDP

The impact of our industry’s vitality extends far beyond our own restaurants’ walls. Restaurant sales generate tax dollars for local communities, and our huge number of employees -- 14.7 million - translates into healthy contributions to state and federal tax revenues. What’s more, for every dollar spent in restaurants, an additional $2 is generated in sales for other industries, generating even more tax dollars and economic activity.- Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO, National Restaurant Association.

Restaurants are a major employer in every community, offering unparalleled opportunities for training and successes.

80 percent of restaurant owners began in the restaurant industry in an entry-level position.

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