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September 28th
recurring event

Nomadness Fest

  • Admission: Tickets range from single day events for $50.00 to VIP Festival Weekend tickets at $250.00.
  • Location: 21C, Belvedere, and Paristown

Nomadness Fest

Nomadness Fest is a weekend for travelers of color, and our allies! Bringing our stories, leaders, resources and community together in one place. Through our festival, we journey to various cities and curate the travel industry’s most honest and communal conversations on what it is like to navigate the world as a person of color. Each year’s theme is intentionally based on the climate of our culture and our needs and desires as travelers. 
This year’s theme: Cultural + Conscious Travel
2023 is the year that we get conscious about our moves in the world. It’s time to explore tourism’s impact on native lands and local people. Are we traveling for social media, for connection, or both? When we show up in a new state or country, are we leaving it better or worse than when we arrived? And, respectfully, whose land is it anyway? This year’s theme is all about the journey from the surface conversation of travel into the underbelly, and how we all play a part. Can’t wait to see you in Louisville!

Upcoming Dates For This Event:

  • Friday, September 29
  • Saturday, September 30
  • Sunday, October 1