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Mixology: The Vast World of Juleps

Next Upcoming Date: Friday, April 19 2019

hink juleps can only be made in May with mint, sugar & bourbon? THINK AGAIN!

The combination of sweetness with a bouquet of herbs poured over cold bourbon is a formula worth playing with! 

We've partnered with the talented Nicole Stipp, one half of the amazing Matson & Gilman, to learn fresh varieties of Julep recipes, as well as tips + tricks for hosting your own DIY Julep Bar at your upcoming Derby party!

Grab your pals for a fun night of learning, making and tasting!


    • Class Length: Approximately 2 hours, depending on the final class size.
    • Materials: All cocktail equipment and ingredients will be provided by Level Up. Cocktails will focus on class Kentucky Bourbons with the variety of combinations and pairings. 
    • Attendees will receive a recipe mat and a customized card where you can record your own Julep Masterpiece!
    • Must be 21+ to register for this course.