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M o v e m e n t Bound: The Walk

Next Upcoming Date: Saturday, April 27 2019

M o v e m e n t Bound is on a mission to cultivate sisterhood, health, and wellness through movement of the mind, body, and soul.

The Walk is a M o v e m e n t Bound project focused on walking. Ha! As if THAT wasn't obvious. What isn't as obvious is that The Walk is an open invitation for women of all ages (you're welcome to invite your super cool man fans, too, if you want) to cultivate sisterhood through collective movement on Saturdays at 8 am, beginning October 13th.

The location will change every Saturday (visit our website for route details and all kinds of other good stuff).

Each walk will start with an empowerment huddle, a two-minute meditation, and then we'll be on our way. At the conclusion of The Walk, you're welcome to participate in a brief stretching session to send some extra support to those parts of your body that made it possible for you to take so many fun-filled, nourishing steps.

Registration is not required. Just show up, connect, and get moving.