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Imagined Monuments Exhibit Artist’s Reception

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Imagined Monuments:
A Louisville Visual Art exhibit for Metro Hall

January 28 – July 12, 2019

Curated by Keith Waits

The turn of a century does not immediately redefine us, but now that we are well into the 21st century, the high profile reassessment of public art all across he United States reflects a nation coming to grips with how art and monuments express the national identity.

If older monuments and memorials are being seen as out-of-touch with the community, what people or events are worth commemorating? Imagined Monuments provide a select group of artists the opportunity to envision tributes to historical figures or actions that have impacted the Louisville community. It focuses on parts of our population that have not always been well represented in public art.

And because these voices come in all forms, the work is interdisciplinary, touching upon not just visual art but the written word, dance, and theatre.

For this exhibit, the connections between the artist and the subject are meaningful, so that the representation of LBTQIA+ citizens, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Gulf Region Americans is not only evident in the subjects but in who has created the work. Those connections happen on many levels, and tap into the past and the present; forces that shaped yesterday and today, as well as forces that are shaping tomorrow.

Andrea Alonso
Sam English
Moonhe Baik
Larry Muhammad
John Brooks
Andy Perry
Sandra Charles
Vian Sora
Hannah Drake
Sean Starowitz