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June 2nd

Evergreen Ferns - Virtual Workshop with Fern

Evergreen Ferns - Virtual Workshop with Fern

“Local Fernatic” Dr. John Hubbard leads a lecture focusing on Evergreen Ferns. Ferns are like trees in that there are both deciduous and evergreen varieties. Common species such as Lady, Japanese painted, Ostrich, Sensitive, Lady Victoria, and Northern maidenhair all disappear as soon as winter arrives. On the other hand evergreen and semi evergreen ferns keep their green fronds all winter. Our discussion will include the Japanese holly, Fortune holly, Autumn, Tassel, Dixie wood, Tokyo wood, Champion's wood, and Christmas ferns. Each ticket will include a Dixie Wood Fern from Yew Dell’s Greenhouse. Note that the Dixie Wood Fern was a 2010 Theodore Klein Plant Award Winner, so you know you need it in your garden!

This is a virtual session, and the Zoom link will be emailed as the date gets closer.


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