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December 7th


  • Location: Headliners Music Hall
  • 1386 Lexington Rd.
  • Louisville, Kentucky 40206
  • Time:
    8:00 PM


From the first downbeat, Good Luck With Whatever, the seventh studio Album  by the Los Angeles based rock band Dawes, sets a tone all its own. The album  unfurls with the crunchy chordal cadence of what could only be Goldsmith’s  guitar. As the band quickly hop their way aboard this rhythmic rail car, we find  ourselves thinking “Hey, these guys are pretty good. I’m so glad you dragged  me to see some live music!” — “Still Feel Like A Kid” serves as a reminder  that we all love a good filet, but there’s no shame in still ordering off the kids  menu from time to time. You can hear the eye contact in the room, you can see  the lyrics as they fly from Goldsmith’s mouth straight into your ears, you’ll find  yourself singing along to a song you’re hearing for the first time. It’s fresh, it’s  raw, it’s a four tiered seafood tower of all American ear candy. Think “I Don’t  Wanna Grow Up, I’m A Toys R Us Kid” meets “I Wanna Be Sedated”. 

Recorded at the historic RCA studios in Nashville Tennessee, the boys teamed  up with six time Grammy award winning producer Dave “Corn On The” Cobb  (Brandi, Jasi, Chrisi, Stergi, etc) and just decided to LET IT RIP. “We were out  in Nashville for just under 730 hours, or 1 human month” says bass player and  resident ‘problem child’ Wylie Gelber. “We wanted that sloth like urgency, that  cold heat, that all knowing curiosity. And me thinks that’s what we got.” The  arrangements are as lively as they are lovely, from the rapidly ruckus “Who Do  You Think You’re Talking To” to the robustly restrained “St. Augustine at Night”.  A culmination of their entire catalogue and career all wrapped up in nine tracks.  If you don’t know Dawes by now, you will never never never know them... 

Far from apathetic, Good Luck With Whatever is Dawes at their most  unapologetic. It’s sympathetic and magnetic, 50% genetic and highly kinetic.  Songs like “Didn’t Fix Me” and “Me Especially” showcase Goldsmith’s poetic  prowess perfectly; a historian of the human condition, transforming turmoil into  motor oil. Drop the tone arm down, turn the volume up, unplug the phone and  if you still feel nothing… call a doctor. 


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