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A Tour of Italy, with Cooking at the Cottage

This event has already finished but is here for your information

A Tour of Italy - Veneto, a demonstration class with Chef Sandra Gugliotta.

Here we go again! We will be revisiting different regions of Italy on our fourth tour – complete with new dishes. This is the sixth of a series of monthly classes exploring the different regions of Italy! The region of Veneto is most well recognized for its largest city, Venice. This region is bordered on the West by Largo di Garda (Italy’s largest and most famous lake) and on the right by the Adriatic Sea. Other well known historic cities in this province are Verona, which is home of the balcony site of Romeo and Juliet and Padua a small town with a wonderful university. Also, in the region in the mountainous northern section is the scenic and beautiful ski town of Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Dolomite mountains. This region is famous for all types of Risotto dishes & fish.

- Scampi D’orati ~ pan fried golden shrimp with lemon

- Risi coi Fenoci ~ Risotto di Finocchi ~ specialty of Venice - a fennel risotto with butter, onions and parmigiano

- Maiale al Latte ~ milk and wine cooked pork accented with sage and rosemary

- Radicchio Trevisano ~ roasted seasoned radicchio