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Louisville at Night

Ghost City Tours

Old Louisville

1430 St. James Court @ Fountain
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (855) 999-9026

Ghost City Tours


The All-Ages "Ghosts of Louisville Tour" will visit some of Louisville's most prominent houses and enchanted landscapes while exploring the hauntings behind each location. Guests will take a grand stroll through Old Louisville, admiring the architecture and botanical elegance. With a variety of different ghost stories to chill the heats of all ages, this tour will encompass the haunting beauty that can only be found in Old Louisville.

The Adults-Only (16+) "Of Melancholy and Mourning Tour" will explore the relationship between sickness, death, and beauty that we have paid witness to throughout history. Old Louisville has an extensive past pertaining to illness, and what Victorian neighborhood would be complete without blending beauty into the ghastly mix? Naturally, with both sickness and beauty, ghosts will follow! This concept will be further explored as guests are exposed to some of the most magnificent haunted locations that Old Louisville has to offer.



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