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Dark Arts Whiskey House


Dark Arts is a blending, rebarreling, and finishing house in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, with a process that is anything but ordinary. Inspired by the alchemists of old, our Master Blenders wield underutilized maturation and blending techniques to transform wood, fire, grain and water into liquid gold. Using equal parts mastery and belief in the unknown, we procure high-quality ingredients, create custom blends, and age them in unconventional barrels to craft unique and elevated whiskeys.

Dark Arts Whiskey House is more than just a destination; it’s an immersive experience. Instead of the typical distillery tour and tasting, we offer a hands-on excursion into the world of experimental blends. Savor whiskey straight from the cask, or take part in the time-honored tradition of hand-filling and hand-bottling your own personalized blend. Veer off the beaten bourbon trail and onto a new path forged by the creativity and skill of our Master Blenders, with no limits to the hidden gems and combinations awaiting you.



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