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Speed Art Museum

Art Sparks at the Speed Art Museum

Old Louisville

2035 S. 3rd St.
Louisville, KY 40208

Phone: (502) 634-2700
Fax: (502) 634-2727

Art Sparks at the Speed Art Museum


The redesigned Art Sparks at the Speed Art Museum is a new interactive gallery for all ages. 15 hands-on learning stations help adults and children connect with art and with each other. Art Sparks is open the same hours as the Museum and is free with regular admission and on Sundays. The space is divided into three sections that focus on Noticing, Making, and Talking about art. Noticing: Visitors are introduced to different ways of seeing the world around them. The exhibits and activities focus on light and color activities, pattern, and composition. Talking: Visitors are encouraged to share their perspectives about art from the collection. Exhibits help visitors develop the vocabulary to discuss art and also gain a visual familiarity with the collection. Making: Visitors can take what they have learned and experience the process of creative expression. Activities change every few weeks.