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The scrumptious combination of a soft marshmallow and a butter and cream caramel was created by Louisville confectioner Anton Busath.

Hailing from Alsace, France, he opened a candy store on Fourth Street, near the McCauley Theater.

Busath named his “caramel marshmallow wonder” after famous Polish actress Helena Modjeska. The movie star appeared in Louisville several times during the late 1800s, including at the McCauley Theater and The Opera House.

In appreciation of Busath naming his sweet treat after her, she later sent him an autographed portrait of herself. That picture hung in the store until a fire in 1947 destroyed the building.

With the holidays so close, Busath’s son, Edgar Busath, asked a good friend, Rudy Muth (a confectioner with a store on East Market Street), to use his kitchen to make candy for his family and close friends for Christmas. When it became apparent that he would not be reopening the store, Edgar gave Muth the recipe for Modjeskas.

Today, Muth Candy, which is now in its fourth generation as Louisville’s oldest candy store, is stilling making mouthwatering Modjeskas.

And much like the bourbon ball, many local cooks and other candy makers have their own versions. Try one with sea salt!