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Hammin’ It Up

No matter how you slice it, country ham is synonymous with the South.

Often considered to be a holiday and Derby tradition in Kentucky, country ham is a variety of cured and smoked ham known for its savory salty flavor.

Kentucky country hams are typically salt-cured for one to three months, and then aged anywhere from several months to a couple of years, depending on the meat’s fat content. Country hams are not fully cooked, but instead are preserved by the cure.

What once was typically served thick cut as a breakfast or dinner entrée with a side of red-eye gravy, is now also seen sliced paper thin and served charcuterie style in many Louisville homes and restaurants.

Country ham is also the perfect complement to serve with Beaten Biscuits, another Southern culinary tradition.

You can find country ham as an appetizer, entrée ingredient or sandwich on the menus throughout Louisville.