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Website: www.waterstep.org
Address: 625 Myrtle St, Louisville, KY 40208

Every day thousands of people die from unsafe water and poor sanitation. We provide people all around the world with the tools and training to make a difference. Learn how to set up water treatment systems, repair wells, and teach health education in communities around the world. We train ordinary people to transform communities through safe Water And Sanitation and Health education (WASH). We train on the field, at our headquarters in Louisville, KY or through our virtual water school. By donating your new and gently used shoes to WaterStep, you’ll help fund safe drinking water projects all over the world — projects that help to save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. In addition to funding water projects, donated shoes keep hundreds of tons of waste out of our landfills. We accept gently used athletic shoes that are free of mold/mildew. Shoes are sold to an exporter and funds received help bring clean water to those in need.